Enter The Lockout ID : Smart Tag System

The Lockout ID system is comprised of two parts;

The Lockout ID Tag: The Lockout ID Tag fits safety locks, and directly replaces the traditional paper tag. This hardware is made entirely of durable DL110H resin and positively connects to your field safety lock shackle. The Lockout ID Smart Tag, features a human readable ID (name or number) and a smart device scannable QR code.

The Lockout ID Smart Tag License: The Lockout ID Smart Tag system connects to our SaaS platform in the cloud and securely houses your worker digital e-dentity. Upon scanning a NEW unused Smart Tag, you will be prompted to login to the Lockout ID portal and to complete onboarding of the tag. Easily take a new photo with your smart device, use an existing photo, and fill in name, company and contact number.

While scanning any existing onboarded Smart Tag, you will be presented with the photo, name, company, shift and large insta-call button. Tapping the button, instantly calls the owner.

With the Lockout ID solution, the tag follows the worker and not the lock. This allows for fewer locks on a job and eliminates hard to read and bulky laminated tags.

Smart Tag licenses start at $1/month or you can choose convenient license tiers to save money.

Smart Tags are fully manageable by the supervisor account and can be edited and deleted as needed, in order to reuse on the next outage or job. Lockout ID works along-side digital LOTO procedure solutions protecting your investment and freeing you to innovate your tag process.

Lockout ID Smart Tag System Portal: The Lockout ID System portal meets you at the point of your program needs. Access it from your desktop, laptop or mobile device with ease.

Support: Not only does your Lockout ID license include access to US-based support services via text, phone, email, and Teams, but it also includes portal feature updates and RMA replacement of damaged tags.