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The ONLY Smart LOTO Tag System

The LOCKOUT ID system is a direct replacement to standard 1982 vintage LOTO tags, except way better.

It's the 21st century and you trust that all of your tools have the features you have come to expect. Like taking photos or choosing from your photo library, clearly read worker details and one tap dial a phone number.

The Lockout ID system is a patent-pending sustainable, durable, reusable tag and cloud management platform which can easily be onboarded and managed for years to come. All Lockout IDs come with a complimentary 12-month digital access so that you can hit the ground running. After which you have the flexibility to choose per tag licensing or save money with convenient tiered pricing.

🏷️ Digital Tag Experience

Numbers at a glance

Effortlessly monitor tags and worker task summaries

Get on the same page

quickly access key tag information directly on the page. effortlessly view, modify, and remove.

Same but better

Stunning digital tag with clear text, workscope, and one-touch dial button

Swipe navigation

effortlessly switch views for smooth native browsing


Outage circuit is filled with traveling contractors.. and a large percentage, are 50-70 year old Bob’s with Coke glasses, minimal computer literacy, and probably no smart phone.  Amazing welder, boilermaker, millwright.. but there’s a reason we have someone else handle SAP, Maximo, etc for them.

We have worked with Bob's colleage. His skill is irreplaceable. In those situations, we simply have our safety guy snap his picture for the tag during onboarding and send him on his way.

On a $10-20M outage I’ll certainly spend thousands on LOTO tags, but it’s inconsequential on my budget.  How would this be a cost or efficiency savings?

The OSHA 1910.147 standard has been in place since 1982. It has remained in the top 10 most cited standards since then, we believe it's time to innovate for a safer workplace.

⁠I’m not sure how this would reduce the costs of LOTO locks, if a facility is using locks in conjunction with tags.  If they are only using tags, there is no lock expense

The nature of LOID is to increase safety. OSHA is the minimum standard. LOID meets and exceeds the standard. OSHA states if equipment can be isolated with a lock, it shall be locked. 

I am concerned with internal policies being rewritten to accomidate LOID.

Haven’t had that issue presented by any of our customers. Several have incorporated LOID into their program.

Are these ANSI Z244 compatible and OSHA compliant?

OSHA is the minimum standard, LOID meets and exceeds the standard. ANSI Z244 is centered around two major themes, Human Error and Zero Risk. LOID aligns perfectly with that. 

We have never reused tags.  You mean this is reusable, while working for years in 150 degree areas?  Useable for years in water treatment facilities with acids and caustics?  It’s going to hold up to against coal ash, welding slag, etc? 

We haven’t had customers place their gang boxes in 150 degree temperatures or welding booths, or in acid exposed areas. We normally see these gang boxes staged away from the work being performed. While the work may be located in a blow down tank or steam drum, the lock box does not. Most of these people are using plastic bodied OSHA compliant LOTO locks that also would have issues if placed in these same areas. 

Handwriting on tags should not be an issue, it’s required to be clear and legible, and if the facility is properly auditing tags as legally required.  This should be a non-issue.

In a perfect world, we wouldn’t have developed Lockout ID, because the need would simply not be there. We saw the need, we developed the solution. 

What happens if the SAAS contract expires, during a lengthy outage?  If protection is automatically removed due to a payment processing, this is a no go.

Account freezing due to non-payment is a manual process. We make every effort to contact the end user prior to freezing. In the event that your account is frozen for non payment, you only lose the ability to create new tags, or edit existing tags. You may continue to scan and view existing tags, or delete them from the portal and they are able to be used on a different account.

What happens if there is a cloud or internet outage? If this stops work or protection, it is a no go. 

In the event of an internet outage or cloud loss, locks are still locked. There is no reason to believe the protection is gone. The ability to add additional users may be paused, but the locks are still physical protective devices that don’t require the cloud or internet to stay locked. 

The ability of an administrator in the system being able to remotely clear protection is a no go to me.

We agree.  There are other manufacturers who offer remote lock release technology, but NPSS does not, nor ever will offer that technology. We believe that the lock owner is the only person that should remove their lock. 

Will this mean I will have to buy cell phones or give cell phone allowances to all affected employees?  

Most foremen, engineers and EHS supervisors who would be performing an audit either own a phone already or do have a company phone, tablet or other smart device used in the course of a job that would also be more than adequate to perform an audit. 

Many locations require electronics to be intrinsically safe, few cell phones are. 

Absolutely. In areas defined in 29 CFR 1910.307, intrinsically safe devices are required. We find the LOTO control offices/areas are established in or close to administrative locations where it’s common to have and use mobile devices. Seldom does a contractor have a group lockbox established in the hazardous/potentially hazardous environment where the work is being physically done. 

Many industrial facilities do not have good cell reception in large sections of the plant.

Yes, some facilities suffer from poor cell tower coverage. The majority of our feedback with regard to bandwith is good, usually a blend of cellular and WiFi networks. Many remote locations have dedicated broadband brought in to service the facilities. We find the LOTO control offices/areas are established in or close to administrative locations where it’s common to have and use mobile devices. 

Many industrial facilities do not allow cell phones

We are finding that many do allow cell phones. We have not yet run up against this issue. Several of our customers use LOID in process plants, power plants, and in oil and gas locations all over the country and  have provided positive feedback, to include NERC CIP locations. We find the LOTO control offices/areas are established in or close to administrative locations where it’s common to have and use mobile devices. 

What's your warranty?

All registered tags with a valid license is eligible for RMA. It breaks, we replace it.

I have an e-LOTO software, can I use LOCKOUT ID?

Yes, of course! LOCKOUT ID is designed to be a direct replacement for loto tags. It’s a cloud-native solution, which means there’s no software to install. It integrates seamlessly with your existing e-loto software, making it the perfect complement to your current investment. With LOCKOUT ID, you can enhance your lockout/tagout procedures without disrupting your established processes.

Can tags be shared within the company?

Yes, indeed! LOCKOUT IDs are designed with reusability in mind. Once a job is completed, the IDs can be cleared out and reissued, allowing them to be used again and again by different teams or at other job sites. This feature makes it possible to maintain a stock of LOCKOUT IDs in your tool crib or warehouse, ready to be re-issued for new jobs, workers, and teams. This not only ensures efficient use of resources but also leads to significant cost savings. With LOCKOUT ID, you’re investing in a sustainable and economical solution for your lockout/tagout procedures.

They need to be no-brainers, are they?

LOCKOUT ID is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly. There’s no need for special machines, hasps, or codes. All you need to do is scan the smart label and fill out a form. If the tag is already onboarded, the worker’s digital tag will be displayed instantly. There’s no manual to worry about - LOCKOUT ID works as you expect it to, first time and every time. It’s a hassle-free solution for your lockout/tagout procedures.

What kind of support do you provide?

At NORTHERN POWER AND SAFETY SOLUTIONS, we’re committed to providing you with top-notch support. We’re available through a variety of channels - you can reach us via text, phone calls, email, and even Microsoft Teams chats. We’re proud to say that our support is 100% based in the USA. Our team is passionate about safety and is dedicated to helping you deliver safety to your people. We’re here to assist you every step of the way, ensuring that your experience with LOCKOUT ID is smooth and successful.