Protecting your job and your workers in the 21st Century


Lockout Tagout, or LOTO as it’s known in most industries, is literally the difference between life and death. A critical program in any industrial maintenance plan, LOTO protects your workers and job site from serious injury, and fatalities.

LOTO is a tool. It should be easy to manage and even simpler to spot check. Injuries occur when a worker is not locked onto the equipment, they are performing maintenance on.

Managers, foremen and supervisors have a duty to their workers. Their duty is to provide safe conditions for their personnel. LOTO surveillance audits are part of providing this level of safety. Quickly being able to determine your personnel are protected is paramount to an effective safety program.

Historically, LOTO has consisted of a padlock, key and tag. The tag is provided for the worker to write their name, company and contact phone number. This tag is placed on the shackle of the lock, which is then affixed to the group lock box or individual component. Some systems use adhesive stickers on the lock bodies, where workers inscribe this information.

So, what’s the problem?

In the age of electronic communication, the art of penmanship had long been fading into obscurity. Sometimes environmental influences contribute to additional challenges, rain, humidity, heat and cold. Even in perfect conditions, some people just have horrible handwriting. Details are hard to read. Numbers are hard to decipher. It’s just plain confusing. Auditing a lock or satellite gang box to determine who is working safe should be instantaneous. After all, it’s someone’s life on the line.

What if there was a way to declutter the sea of locks and tags and replace them with a clean and organized alternative to laminated tags or labels scrawled with questionably legible worker details?

LOCKOUT ID was developed to solve this problem. LOCKOUT ID provides a safer and more efficient way to identify and protect your workers. LOCKOUT ID makes your LOTO simple, clean, and more organized, all while taking the guesswork out of deciphering worker details. LOCKOUT ID makes auditing LOTO a breeze; making your audit more accurate and saving you time and headaches associated with tags, labels and information scrawled across locks. The simpler the system, the easier it is to manage.

LOCKOUT ID enables your LOTO supplies to stretch further, which will save you money. Less mess, less clutter, and less material to manage. LOCKOUT ID uses a worker-specific digital tag that identifies the worker clearly in an easy-to-read format. Worker photos, company, supervisor info and phone number can be quickly and easily accessed with any smart phone or handheld device.

LOCKOUT ID: SAFE, SIMPLE, SMART. Protect your job and your workers with the best the industry has to offer.